About Us

Our Mission Statement

To promote motorcycle safety.
To project a positive image of motorcycling.
To enjoy the fraternity of FireFighters.
To engage exclusively in social, charitable and educational activities directed at increasing the general understanding of, enjoyment of, competency, sportsmanship and participation in the sport of Motorcycling.

International Organization

The Red Knights Firefighters Motorcycle Inc. Club® is an organization composed exclusively of Firefighters with International Affiliation dedicated to promoting motorcycle safety and fellowship among firefighters who ride motorcycles. We sponsor various activities throughout the riding season, as well as the non-riding season, such as “Poker Runs,” dinner rides, tour rides, family and combined chapter picnics, as well as participating in other motorcycle club activities.

Any moneys raised by the chapter usually sees a percentage donated to a hospital burn unit to aid children injured by fire, or aid fellow firefighters who may have suffered the misfortune of being a victim of a fire.

Membership is open to ALL firefighters, ACTIVE or RETIRED, who have access to a motorcycle and hold a current valid motorcycle license. Spouses, members’ children, boy and/or girlfriends are also welcome for membership as Social Members.

Local Chapter Histrory

In June 2006 a few friends were sitting around wondering where we could ride on the weekend coming up. So we started looking on the net for upcoming events. During our search we found the Red Knights International Firefighters MC. After researching The Red Knights and living by the same code as fireman, we decided to start a local Chapter. We found 7 of our friends that ride, who were fireman and sent in our information to start a new chapter.

Our Chapter has now grown to 35 members. Each year we Host the Sugar Run / Public Safety Appreciation Day in March and the 9/11 Memorial Ride in September each year. In 2008 RKMC Chapter 15 was chosen as the local Bike Group to lead Kyle Petty's Ride Across America in to Savannah. November of each year we Help the R.O.C.K. Group with the Healing Field. When we find time we try to get together for a relaxing day of riding with no place to be...

We meet once a month at Lovezzola's Pizza in Pooler for dinner and to socialize. 

Current Officers:

Michael Curry President 912 210 6100
Tommy Branch Vice President 912 660 2919
Joe Palao Secretary 843 815 5145
Stella Beeler Treasurer 912 484 4480
Richard Payton Ride Captain 912 856 0247
Daniel Eason Ride Captain 912 667 3111

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